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1. A fishcake found in many Japanese delicacies. Including ramen. It is white with pointy ridges and has a red swirl in the middle.

2. A Japanese animation and novel created in 1999 by Masashi Kishimoto. Teams consist of three-man cells made up by two males and one female, and usually a teacher. Naruto (character), has the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed inside of him and he wants to become Hokage, the village's top ninja someday. After the filler arc, Naruto's friend, Sasuke left the village. And Naruto is known today as Naruto Shippuden.
1. "Man! The Naruto were good at that Japanese restaurant last night!"

2. "Dude, did you watch Naruto last night?! Itachi totally died!"
by Chibisukedan August 14, 2011
Naruto is an incredibly notorious anime comparable to titles such as Dragon Ball Z and many other shows with amazing merit. It is primarily reminiscent of these shows because the creator of Naruto steals ideas from all of them and has absolutely no originality of his own. The show centers around a ninja named "Naruto" who engages in activities such as screaming and yelling. He gathers together more and more friends, typically through the process of beating the shit out of them. One can be qualified as Naruto's "best friend" only if they have made attempts to kill him (Gaara of the sand, Sasuke, etc.). Every ninja in the village functions in a group with two other ninja boasting equally insipid personalities. Initially, Naruto wants to be "Hokage," ninja leader, and this is seen as the plot for the show, but later the show is dedicated to searching for another ninja known as Sasuke. The whole village was left with a monumental sense of loss as this ninja left and his dull and colorless personality would be missed for years to come. After Naruto fails to retrieve this ninja, Sasuke is made the main emphasis of the show and can be seen for hundreds of episodes at a time while people are left wondering what is actually transpiring with the character "Naruto," who one would assume is the main character as his name is also the show's title.
Person 1: Wow, Naruto Shippuden is an amazing show.

Person 2: I started watching it, it's awesome.

Person 1: I wonder when Naruto will learn that move?

Person 2: Who's Naruto?
by Bob Sodaspiller June 22, 2010
1) A popular anime about ninjas and exploiting children into killing one another. It is extremely popular all around the world and is a prime target of rule 34. If the animes Inuyasha and Dragonball Z were to spawn a baby together, the child would be Naruto.

2) The title character of the anime "Naruto". Naruto is an A.D.H.D. symptomatic ninja who has blond hair for some reason and, like most children his age, likes to read hentai comic books. He REALLY wants to be the Hokage (Ninja Village Leader) but because he has A.D.H.D., no one ever takes him seriously. He also has a demon fox sealed inside his belly button.
"Naruto is pretty cool, the only problem is that cartoon network gayed it up and had Naruto voiced by a girl. Also, blood is apparently very bad in America."
by superdawge October 01, 2009
An anime/manga that once had a palatable plotline and interesting characters, which has run too long and been raped by fandom. Now the victim of fanfictions, it has passed the peak of popularity and is mostly yaoi fodder for lonely teenage girls.
"do You watch Naruto anymore?"

"Nah. I stopped watching it after they got to a hundred episodes but still weren't going anywhere."
by Repetitive_Redundancy May 06, 2009
A very gay anime t.v. show that only faggots seem to like.
Hey you emo queer stop watching Naruto.
by UR MOM!!!!!!!!!! March 03, 2009
when someone or something causes that certain topic to become draggy and beats around the bush a lot. just like how the current anime is having so much fillers and takes too much time to cover just a small part of the story.
Person A: (beats around the bush)
by Wen- December 24, 2008
The Popular Japanese Anime/ Manga Watched By Many Adults/Children All Over The World. Still An On Going Series.
Naruto Is An On Going Manga/Anime Series Created By Masashi Kishimoto.( Japanese Anime) The Plot Tells The Story Of Naruto Uzumaki, An Adolescent Ninja Who Constantly Searches For Recognition And Aspires To Become The Hokage, The Ninja In His Village Who Is Acknowledged As The Leader And The Strongest Of All. The Series Are In Both Japanese( Subbed English) And English (Dubbed)
by Lilac-Xx August 15, 2011