1. A fishcake found in many Japanese delicacies. Including ramen. It is white with pointy ridges and has a red swirl in the middle.

2. A Japanese animation and novel created in 1999 by Masashi Kishimoto. Teams consist of three-man cells made up by two males and one female, and usually a teacher. Naruto (character), has the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed inside of him and he wants to become Hokage, the village's top ninja someday. After the filler arc, Naruto's friend, Sasuke left the village. And Naruto is known today as Naruto Shippuden.
1. "Man! The Naruto were good at that Japanese restaurant last night!"

2. "Dude, did you watch Naruto last night?! Itachi totally died!"
by Chibisukedan August 14, 2011
1: A popular anime that is very poorly done. More sophisticated men/women of anime will tell you that it doesn't deserve the credit it gets.

2: An anime consisting of a terrible plot, annoyingly stereotypical characters, a love story equal to that of a 13 year old girl talking about a boy, and enough fillers (episodes that have nothing to do with the initial plot line) to make 4kids keel over.

The Plot: Naruto is a young orphan boy who was born with the demon of a fox of nine tails inside him. Having the fox inside of him has made other people in the village despise him, but also given him a great power. After you learn that you meet the other two main characters Sauske and Sakura. The plot then picks up to the adventures of these three with their sensie Kakashi. After which Sauske leaves the group in search of a greater power through an evil man named Orochimaru. It then turns into a long chase down of Sauske to which is seemingly endless. Along the way they run into a tiny group of rejects who come from different villages across the land. They try to hunt Naruto down for his power of the fox, while Naruto hunts Sauske down. The plot is very easy to follow.
Naruto? that anime sucks.
by Exalted November 14, 2010
Naruto is an incredibly notorious anime comparable to titles such as Dragon Ball Z and many other shows with amazing merit. It is primarily reminiscent of these shows because the creator of Naruto steals ideas from all of them and has absolutely no originality of his own. The show centers around a ninja named "Naruto" who engages in activities such as screaming and yelling. He gathers together more and more friends, typically through the process of beating the shit out of them. One can be qualified as Naruto's "best friend" only if they have made attempts to kill him (Gaara of the sand, Sasuke, etc.). Every ninja in the village functions in a group with two other ninja boasting equally insipid personalities. Initially, Naruto wants to be "Hokage," ninja leader, and this is seen as the plot for the show, but later the show is dedicated to searching for another ninja known as Sasuke. The whole village was left with a monumental sense of loss as this ninja left and his dull and colorless personality would be missed for years to come. After Naruto fails to retrieve this ninja, Sasuke is made the main emphasis of the show and can be seen for hundreds of episodes at a time while people are left wondering what is actually transpiring with the character "Naruto," who one would assume is the main character as his name is also the show's title.
Person 1: Wow, Naruto Shippuden is an amazing show.

Person 2: I started watching it, it's awesome.

Person 1: I wonder when Naruto will learn that move?

Person 2: Who's Naruto?
by Bob Sodaspiller June 22, 2010
An extremely overrated anime/manga series that has millions of american fans just cuz it's pretty much been shoved down our throats. Which is just sad because there is much better anime/manga in this world. It plays (or at least played) on Cartoon Network. It has tons of crappy merchandise and video games that all, frankly, suck. ...Also, I think it means fish cakes or something...?
Some Person: Heeeey, wanna go watch Naruto. It's the best thing since sliced bread!! Me: *commits suicide*
by --AliceinWonderland-- July 07, 2009
An anime/manga that once had a palatable plotline and interesting characters, which has run too long and been raped by fandom. Now the victim of fanfictions, it has passed the peak of popularity and is mostly yaoi fodder for lonely teenage girls.
"do You watch Naruto anymore?"

"Nah. I stopped watching it after they got to a hundred episodes but still weren't going anywhere."
by Repetitive_Redundancy May 06, 2009
A very gay anime t.v. show that only faggots seem to like.
Hey you emo queer stop watching Naruto.
by UR MOM!!!!!!!!!! March 03, 2009
when someone or something causes that certain topic to become draggy and beats around the bush a lot. just like how the current anime is having so much fillers and takes too much time to cover just a small part of the story.
Person A: (beats around the bush)
by Wen- December 24, 2008

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