A fairly mainstream anime with many:

1. annoying fillers
2. it's on going anime/manga series that continues on and never progresses just like the DBZ series.
3.a good manga/anime back in the days.
4.caught on in the USA recently really a couple years back
5.loyal fans that follow and trail it's messy and lacking story.
6.stolen the souls of many kids who are 14 and down who all think it's the best "cartoon" in the world.Which all lead their parents into going to BAM or Borders into buying the latest manga so they can get ahead of everyone else and the anime.
7. has the most spawning game counts up next to the DBZ, Bleach franchise
8. an unbelieveable amount of cosplayers at conventions.
9. created the 'otaku' in the states.
11. The next Pokemon until it dies down again, and soon enough the USA series will catch up with Japan's series and will start to rape the world of all it's awesomeness.
12. the most annoying merchandise to see at Wallmart, Hottopic, and Fanclub
13. kids who wear Naruto headbands in stores,malls,and schools. they FAIL.
Mainstreamkid1:"OMG I SAW NARUTO LAST NIGHT! BELIEVE IT! i is so teh kuhlest animefanz eva!!!! ninjastar ninjastar"
Coolrealanimefan:"STFU and hang yourself on a tree."


Someonewhostilllovestthismanga/anime: "Stay away from the american version and stick to the original it pwns."
Formerfan: "I told myself that but I got bored and pissed off with it anyway... I grew up and started to watch manly animes!"
Someonewhostilllovestthismanga/anime: "I should do that too."

Narutard: I LUV narooto!
Me: You need to die.
Narutard: I will!<333
by Ru0ma September 23, 2007
A great anime and manga spoiled and made gay by the younger American audiences who think they know everything about anime just because they saw it on Cartoon Network.
Male1: Hey I bought this new manga. Its called Naruto. Manga is so much better when it isnt exploited and censored.
Male2: wtf are you talkin about

4 Years Later...

Male1: I just saw this cool new anime called Naruto on cartoon network! Its censored so its good! I'm going to buy every single dvd and "book whatever you call them things that start with an "m"!!! I bet youve never even heard of it because you suck!!!!!
by xplicit69 February 09, 2006
It's got ninjas, which is pretty cool, I guess. It's written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. He must be rich now. It's got an anime adaptation, which probably gives him more money.
Masashi Kishimoto must be hella rich because of Naruto
by Amos Nusheg February 19, 2008
An anime for young children. Very emotional and sad, Naruto shows a very wide variety of characters and appeal to a lot of people, grown ups and kids alike. However, many consider the show to be a drag-on. There are too many episodes to finish and is not recommended to people who want short and simple anime.
Hey, Nick! You want to come over to watch Naruto at nine?
by ElfenLied September 13, 2008
the manga is awesome and (believe it or not) actually has a plot, and is way more violently awesome than the anime, which is completely gay.
Naruto anime watcher: ZOMG DAT FILLER WAS AWESOME!!11!!
Naruto Manga reader: Yeah. While you were watching that gay pointless filler, I was reading manga, which isn't intended just for 7 year olds. In fact, I'm kinda sad cause Shizune died, and so did Kakashi. But the good news is that naruto destroyed one of Pein's six bodies with a single blow and he's probably going to die.
Anime Watcher: ZOMG ders anuter filler in two hours!!11!!
by NinjaBlah January 02, 2009
Naruto is a decent anime that is view in a wide spectrum: from "otaku" level of people who like it too much (a narutard or even worse angirl who writes yaio) to down right haters who are annoyed with a easily ignorable things such as the main character's catchphrase "dattebayo/Believe IT!"(in the Japanese and English versions respectively). The focus of the show is people of any age or gender using "chakra" a life force to fuel super powerful moves ranging from spiting fire to reviving the death.
Viewer #1: OMG that was so fucking awesome did you see that! I gotta right a yaio fanfic about that!

Viewer #2: Naruto is cool yeah, but for the love of god don't write a story again, my eyeballs still aren't healed.

Viewer #3: That shit was so gay! Why can't we watch a good anime like Elfen Laid?

Viewer #2: Because that is nothing but blood and tits and I don't want you in my house with a hardon and violent thoughts.
by Objective February 02, 2008
A japanese Anime starring a cursed yellow-haired brat trying to become the world's most outstanding Ninja.


by Snajper June 15, 2004
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