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Similiar to Sasunaru, this is when Naruto is Seme and Sasuke is Uke. This is much less common than SasuNaru, but the none the less, has plenty of fandom.
"NaruSasu is so much better! Naruto is such a hawt Seme!"
by Krea Davis April 02, 2007
(N) When the seme goes uke; The wildest dream of every Naruto yaoi fan that will never happen in any Fan Girl "doujinshi"; A strange combination of two teenage boys from an anime about fox demons and chinese stars suddenly wanting to find a bed; An alternate universe in the fifth dimension where the most bloodthirsty avenging chicken-butt haired anime character suddenly blushes like a girl in lust (ew).

Sasuke: Hnn, Naru-chan, you make me . . . so. . . hawt.

Naruto: . . . . . . . Oh hell yeah. It's time for some Narusasu. :3
by VeganVampire107 February 03, 2009
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