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The main character in the TV series and the manga "Naruto" (wow, wonder why they came up with that name...). He is an enthusiastic, outgoing, yellow and spiked haired, and understanding ninja. He never knew his paerents and was rejected by the ppl of Konoha (the hidden village that he lives in) in his childhood. This is so, because he was cursed with the seal of the demon fox, and nine-tailed legendary fox that was sealed into Naruto's body. Whenever Naruto gets psyched up in a battle, part of the power of the demon fox is used by Naruto. In all, Naruto is the most admirable Anime character I've ever seen. I AM A NARUTARD!!
Naruto fights and trains for strength and stamina, while Sasuke sucks Orochimaru's c0ck to get some crap ass power
by LeftBehind October 31, 2006

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