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2 definitions by Repetitive_Redundancy

An interweb sensation, it is the term for silly pictures of cats with subtitles. They are generally characterized by poor spelling and grammar, and for unknown reasons, tend to mention cheese burgers often.

One reason for this may be that the (rumored) first lolcat ever said "I can has Cheezburger?"
"hey! Did you see the lol catz with the Persian kitten?"

"The one that said 'you eated my cheezburger'? Yeah, it was funny but what an ugly kitten"
by Repetitive_Redundancy May 06, 2009
An anime/manga that once had a palatable plotline and interesting characters, which has run too long and been raped by fandom. Now the victim of fanfictions, it has passed the peak of popularity and is mostly yaoi fodder for lonely teenage girls.
"do You watch Naruto anymore?"

"Nah. I stopped watching it after they got to a hundred episodes but still weren't going anywhere."
by Repetitive_Redundancy May 06, 2009