The neediest piece of shit cartoon ever made by the Japanese
Nerd:hey guys guess what I was wacking off to last night?
Other nerd:I don't
know what?
Other nerd:omg I think I just came in my pants
by Joe shmoe fuck off March 23, 2010
A very gay anime t.v. show that only faggots seem to like.
Hey you emo queer stop watching Naruto.
by UR MOM!!!!!!!!!! March 03, 2009
A show about bunch of ninjas playing tree tag and hopping on trees using with the same animated movements over and over and over and over and ~ again. the show follows this blonde guy with blue eyes wearing an orange jumpsuit which conceals deadly weapons a teenager should not be carrying around. one day he decides save his friend which clearly cheated on him for another man, but since naruto was heart-broken...he continued to chase after his love. Eventually he meets his friend (lover) but his friend runs away....then this giant cycle continues on for about a dozen hundred episodes or something....OH YEAH!! he has this cat sealed up inside his body which gives him special powers like growing a red tail, claws and stuff. Also, he has this obsession with noodles....Also, he was trained by this pedophile which taught him to do this blue-glowing ball move in his hand which explodes when in contact with enemy skin.

Similarities with dragonball

( blue-glowing ball projectile sorta resembles the kamehameha wave since it's blue and he was trained by a pervert just like can summon a turtle while the other wears a turtle shell, both didn't know their fathers which both died from fighting to save something)

There's totally no comparison to dragonball/ z of course...pffff

Recent studies have shown about 65 percent of naruto viewers are gaga over sasuke and the others are narutards

that sums up the show for you ladies and gentlewomen
E.g. 1

Naruto: darn it, i lost my bf..must find him
Sasuke: Well, you've caught up to me...what now...
Naruto: (still can't express his feelings) I...lov..
Sasuke: i've got a busy schedule *vanishes*
Hinata: It's alright, you still have me
Naruto: .....
by BigBuckJoe May 11, 2011
Naruto is the worst show on Earth. It brainwashes little kids into thinking that they could become a gay ninja person. This show copies other shows. Don't watch unless you are gay
by fastlane250 July 10, 2008
The stupidest fucking anime ever. Well actually it's just for little kids and not for teenagers or adults. There are many reasons why this is suited for little kids.
1. a group of heros are responsible for saving the world.
2. It's full of mary sues.
3. Violence is okay in the name of righteousness.
4. Violence is the cure for evil in the world.
5. A negative view of prodigies.
6. One organization(Akatsuki) is responsible for all the evil in the world.
7. Kids who never stop dreaming dreams.
As you can see this is meant for kids.
Anyone is over the age of 13 and watches this should watch some quality anime like Basilisk or DeathNote. Note: Naruto is for little kids!
by nathan557 February 27, 2008
Overrated;Show said to be god and the greatest anime of all time.Defended to the death by fanboys.
Average guy:Well it was okay I guess,not the greatest ever.
by Mr.Reality February 07, 2006
Everything that isn't cool or interesting about ninjas summed up in an entire series. Basically Dragon Ball Z, only with ninjas.
1st person: Remember when ninjas were cool?
2nd person: Oh, you mean back before Naruto came along?
1st person: Those were good times.
2nd person: Yes, they were.
by Hambone McHamm May 10, 2009
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