Naruto is a popular anime.

Obviously, the main character is Naruto Uzumaki. From what I've read, most of the other definitions are whining about how Naruto is crap because he wears a bright orange jumpsuit, and how ninjas are meant to wear black to represent stealth.
Naruto's personality is bold but foolish, and therefore he wears a boldly yet annoyingly orange jumpsuit to represent that. Duh.
The second main character is Sasuke Uchiha. His arrogance and "sexy moodiness" seems to be very attractive for his fangirls, but in actual reality he is a very annoying pool of piss that should be just booted off the anime altogether.
Third is Sakura (forgot her last name), she has no dreams whatsoever except to screw Sasuke, and she likes to beat up on Naruto. Oh and she hates Ino, this blonde girl with a high pitched voice who also dreams of screwing Sasuke someday.
Shikamaru's a pretty decent character, except in Naruto Shippuuden he gets overly attached to Asuma (his sensei). Chouji is a guy who does nothing but eat. Kiba is a funny dude who has a giant dog, Hinata is a girl who has a crush on Naruto (her voice...very uh, highpitched). Oh and there is Shino, I personally don't like him cuz he has bugs inside his clothes and I find that creepy.

Kakashi is Naruto's sensei and apparently his mask, which covers up 3/4 of his face, is sexy.
Don't get me wrong...I'm not a hater of Naruto, I quite like the anime, I'm just pointing out the flaws of the characters which makes the anime entertaining.
During lunch in school, Naruto walks up to Sakura and asks to have lunch with her. She insult him and asks Sasuke to have lunch with her. He proceeds to reject her and walk off.
by lolfreek June 06, 2009
Popular manga and t.v. show in Japan done by Masashi Kishimoto.It stars Naruto and his classmates, Sasuke and Sakura and their sensei, Kakashi.When Naruto was born the 4th hokage seeled a demon inside Naruto's body.He is now 12-years old and boy does he love to eat ramen!
by Gaara_lover May 26, 2005
The "cool" anime show that Japenese school girls and everyone under 14 watches. In a few years it will suffer the same fate as Pokemon though; graduly decreasing in popularity until it becomes the thing people look back on and say "oh yeah I remember that show, wow.. I thought this was cool. I must have been such a loser when I was younger."

The kid in the orange jumpsuit who yells "Believe It" at random points in the show. Also the franchize that just will not die. How many fricken half ass games will they make for Naruto!

Also anyone over the age of 14 who still watches Naruto is considered a loser with no life. If you are one of these cases ask yourself "Do the popular people at school who don't watch Naruto think i'm cool and do they think Naruto is cool." Your answer "NO."
Naruto, like Pokemon will slowly, but surely die off into a decaying pile of crap on youtube and in your closet.

Why the hell does Naruto blurt out "Believe It" in the middle of a conversation? It makes him look like a 9 year old Japenese school girl!
by ChristianK May 04, 2007
A stupid ninja that makes ninjas look like complete idiots by wearing orange.(What kind of stupid ninja wears orange where everyone can see him/her/it??)
He also sucks at everything, and eats Ramen because his parents got raped by a fox and he cant afford anything else now.
Naruto dreams of being a kage of Ho's. Hence, Hokage.
He also fantasizes of having sex with a pointy haired male ninja named Sasuke.
Hi I'm Naruto. I want to suck Sasuke's cock because it has pointy hair on it. cockjoke etc.
by KaizokuChris February 26, 2008
The gayest anime ever. AND I MEAN EVER!

1. Here you have a NINJA wearing bright orange. Fuckin' bright orange? That will never blend in.
2. Next thing... he goes around yelling "BELIEVE IT!" what the fuck? Ninjas are sapose to be silent I thought.
3. Then their is this chick with pink hair and some fag she likes.
4. Quote: "Oh my god Kakashi is so hot!"
First off... his face is fucking covered how the fuck can he be hot!? and second... he's a fucking cartoon. You want somebody hot? Matt fuckin' Damon, thats hot.
5. The headbands. I fucking hate these things... such a waste of money. I like Rurouni Kenshin but do you see me drawing cross shaped scars on my left cheek? nope

If your into retards thinking their ninjas wearing bright orange yelling "BELIVE IT!" then this is for you. But if you acually have a brain you'd watch Rurouni Kenshin or play Gears of War for sevral hours.
Naruto is gay and deserves to die. Anyone who likes this has a brain tumor and should also die.
People,watch something else,naruto brainwashes you!
Idiot:I love Naruto!
Genius:Naruto Sucks
Idiot:It doesn`t!
Genius:Watched the tv show?
Genius: Watch It!
1 day later......
Genius:Hello Naruto Lover!
Idiot:What`s Naruto?What`s a Lover?What does Hello mean?
Beware! Naruto Brainwashes You!
Its for 2 year olds!
by Snowswipes April 09, 2007
Naruto is a Japanese anime/manga series by Masashi Kishimoto, about the struggle of a boy to become the best ninja. It is also a series that exemplifies why much of this genre is for kids:

a. Kids running amok without parental supervision are responsible for restoring world peace

b. An average kid can become the best by luck (which crosses with c and d)

c. An average kid can suddenly wake up to the value of hard work and surpass everyone who has worked harder for many years

d. Consistent grudge against/negative portryal of prodigies

e. Good guys survive all adversity because they are defined as good guys

f. Violence is noble in the name of righteousness (which crosses with g and h)

g. Physical strength is the panacea for all evils of the world

h. A powerful secret organization/entity/community is responsible for all the evils of the world

Even though it tries hard to pass itself as sophisticated by adding gratuitous violence, foul language, and other objectionable themes, the series, by the aforementioned limitations and many more, is still best classified as kids entertainment.

Naruto is an anime for kids.
by Demi&Kain September 19, 2006

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