Synonym for pedophile


A word used to describe people who fail in life.

person 1: *while watching an old man flirting on a 12 year old* gawd what a naruto... O_O;;;


person 1: -,- I dropped out of HS and refuse to get a job cuz im so lazy...

person 2: lawl naruto!
by kawaii tina October 27, 2007
The best anime and manga I ever watched and read.

They tell about a boy named Naruto Uzumaki who has the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed away inside of him. He dreams of being Hokage someday. He is skilled in many Jutsus and Techniques like the Rasengan and Shadow Clones Jutsu. After a while, people stopped fearing him for the Nine-Tails and they show lots of love and respect to him.

When Naruto is in complete sorrow and/or filled with rage, he becomes destructive and infused with Nine-Tailed Demon's chakra but it always stops.

The anime and manga are awesome but the manga is much further and a little more graphic than the anime due to filler arcs to help. It has its funny moments, its fourth wall-breaking moments, its serious moments, its sad moments and its action-filled moments.

It also gives people a better view of ninjas.
1. Naruto is awesome. He deserves to be Hokage. He is always helping people and changing them for the better. He will be Hokage some day. Believe it! Or if you prefer, Dattebayo!

2. I don't get why there are some people who hate the Naruto series. It's very cool and epic. Naruto Forever!
by Naruto Fan Child July 14, 2010
An anime, aimed mainly at kids. It focuses on the character Naruto Uzumaki, and what he goes through while trying to become Hokage (leader/top ninja) of Konoha (Village Hidden in the Leaves/Leaf Village).

In America, the anime (although strangely very popular) is lacking in quality compared to the undubbed and uncut Japanese version. The manga is very popular as well, and if you only have access to the American version of the anime but also are able to get your hands on the manga, I suggest that you read the manga versus watching the anime.

Fans of Naruto (sometimes known as Narutards, which can be used both positively and negatively) will often cosplay as the characters at anime conventions.
Naruto Uzumaki wants to be Hokage.

I'd like a Naruto headband, but I'd probably just get bashed by the extreme fans and haters of the series for wearing it.
by Wolbachia October 24, 2007
Series which is sadly liscensed by ShoPro series, however Dattebayo is still doing speedsubs
Naruto will air on Cartoon Network 3rd quarter
by Zenith Xan February 23, 2005
The gayest fucking fanboy anime series ever.
I hear that fag is a huge fan of Naruto.
by TempestX January 26, 2007
1. An exellent Manga and Anime series when watched in japenese or read, but an all to sinister "believe it" catch phrase is jam packed into the american manga making it really bad.

2.Fish cakes.(like in ramen)
1.Guy 1: Hey that guy loves NARUTO but only the american anime.
Guy 2: Yeah thats a shame. The japanese stuff and manga are some quality works.
Naruto Guy: Believe it, Believe it, Believe it, Believe it, Believe it, Believe it, Believe it, Believe it, Believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. Guy 1: MMMMMMM... Naruto.
Guy 2: what?!
Guy 1: Fish cakes
Guy 2: yeah, those rule!!
by __1337__ September 06, 2006
A kickass anime thats going to be on Toonami.If you like the crappy Naruto series on Toonami,watch the real Naruto and youll love it!!!
Kakashi says:Watch the original undubbed uncut version of Naruto!!!
by Marshal Banana September 01, 2005

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