perhaps the gayest anime in existence
Naruto takes it in the ass, hey im just telling the truth
by Jeff Ansell March 16, 2008
Naruto was originally a popular Japanese graphic novel (manga) created by Masashi Kishimoto. It was eventually made into an animation (anime) directed by Hayato Date, and licensed by Aniplex Media.
It is focused on the hyperactive adolescent of Konohagakure (Village Hidden in Leaves), Naruto Uzumaki, and his goal to become an esteemed ninja and village leader. Many aesthetics, techniques (jutsu), and values are attained from a sensei's tutelage by students through much developement and hardship.
Naruto's teammates, mentors, and especially rivals act as an important part of the saga, and have individual stories that are discovered as the saga progresses. Many things portrayed throughout Naruto are connected to Japanese mythology, culture, and historical events; these relations sometimes being very unfamiliar with Western and other foreign audiences. There are currently two parts to the saga; the first one appropriately titled as 'Naruto', the second being 'Naruto - Shippūden', a two-and-a-half-year time-lapse, which is still being continued.
The viewers age starts at a decently younger age compared to much shounen anime (which is usually aired on Adult Swim), and is probably somewhere around 7 to 13+.

The anime has become very much exaggerated as the years of it's growing exploitation have increased, and has lost much quality and originality due to the 'immediately-jump-to-a-conclusion' bastards (even the fans) who make it out to be something it never has been. Pointless jokes and stupid assumptions circulate throughout Naruto-based forums, fan's conversations, and basically any form of communication via internet. These parodies and lies eventually get around to people who don't even take the time to look at the original manga - what Naruto really is, and what makes it unique. Much heed is paid to ridicule, pointless celebrity comparisons, and shit fanfictions and fanart of Naruto.
This is where Naruto has lost most of it's originality - over-propagandizing by the wrong people.
The anime has also been diluted and literally screwed over by it's various distributors. Unfortunately, the anime is usually the only form of Naruto that is seen by the majority, and is judged negatively from there on out. It is often referred to as a generic rip-off of DragonBall Z by close-minded idiots, and usually considered 'inferior' to One Piece.
However, the anime is also unfortunately infatuated with poorly thought-out fillers to keep a steady beat as it's episodes are released, and are sometimes acknowledged more by first-time watchers. This is one of the many things that gives Naruto a negative reputation with first-time Naruto witnesses. The anime's fillers were never in the original story, only serve as an expediency as original episodes are created, and dilute the more unique storyline that flows quite evenly, in my opinion. Even episodes that are featured in the manga can turn out to be a total blow with animation, and portray people and places more linear and incorrectly.

This is why I choose not to acknowledge the anime's flaws - because it barely even follows with the original saga, throws off the viewers, and looses much Japanese symbolism when converted to another language. Although it is original Japanese animation, it loses a good bit of quality and tends to look rushed and very unoriginal.
This, my friends, is why I read the manga. Steady flow, decent action, and best of all - exactly the way it should be.
Nothing is placed out of context, exaggerated, filled-in, or rushed through. Much easier to understand, less linear, and simpler to connect with the people in it. Everything began and will end with the manga, regardless of the anime or how it is perceived. It can't get much more organized than that, in my opinion.
Honestly, if you can't tolerate the Naruto anime, just check out the damn manga instead.
I don't expect you to keep reading it, but it makes a hell of alot more sense.
I don't consider Naruto to be the greatest story in manga history, (nor is it the greatest anime), but I prefer it over every other manga I've read before. It's just a personal preference. I watch other anime, and read other manga; I haven't been "brainwashed", as some say, because I like something popular. I just simply choose to loyally follow Naruto up to it's last chapter because it's something I enjoy wholeheartedly.

Naruto isn't your cup of tea? Hey, that's fine - I personally dislike One Piece with every fiber of my being, but I don't jump on the internet and make it look like shit. I don't knock something because I know you like it. You don't have to do as I do, but have a little respect.
Keep liking what you like. I'll do the same. Just don't fuck with people who like Naruto because it's sabotaged and considered overrated by the majority of anime fans. We're honestly not hurting anyone.
"Dude, Naruto and anime suck! People like you should get a life, skateboard, and fuck something hot."

"Heh, you're kind of funny for a child with a mental stunt. Shh, I know, it's okay now."
by Kikhuana July 17, 2008
People,watch something else,naruto brainwashes you!
Idiot:I love Naruto!
Genius:Naruto Sucks
Idiot:It doesn`t!
Genius:Watched the tv show?
Genius: Watch It!
1 day later......
Genius:Hello Naruto Lover!
Idiot:What`s Naruto?What`s a Lover?What does Hello mean?
Beware! Naruto Brainwashes You!
Its for 2 year olds!
by Snowswipes April 09, 2007
Naruto is a stupid, way too overpopular manga/anime. HERE'S why:

1.The characters, in both the manga and anime, are terribly drawn. What kind of a half-assed author was it that created it, anyway?
2. Any manga/ anime that has a main character named Sakura is stupid and half-assed, anyway. That is an overused fucking name.
3. The people that wear those retarded headbands? Ohmygod, do they knowhow retarded they look. Waste of money. People that wear them to stores, malls, and school? FAIL.
4. It's really an anime for people that don't know quality anime. Go watch some Deathnote or Ouran High, PLEASE.
5. I actually saw an episode to see how freaking terrible it was; I was very dissapointed that any functioning members of the human race would even sit through an episode of the anime. A little blond son-of-a-bitch was running around eating 812972 pounds of food, yelling "BELIEVE IT!" in his little gay orange jumpsuit. What the fuck kind of ninja is that?
6. Which brings up another fact. I know that ninjas don't always dress in black, killing people silently. But, I'll be damned if they run around in bright orange jumpsuits yelling "BELIEVE IT!". What the fuck am I supposed to be believing here anyway? That ninjas are loud, annoying, and dressed in bright orange?....disbelief! =0
7. The anime is created for little kids, anyway. That means, everyone 14 and under, and everyone thinks they're pretty damn dorky, too. If you're over 15 and you watch it? I have nothing to say to you. You're a disgrace to mankind, son.
8. It will soon die out anyway, once people notice how retarded it is. Even the Narutards, who are already, obviously, RETARDED.
9. About 90% of the episodes are fillers, everyone can agree on that. It is way too fucking long, each fighting scene lasts for about 5 episodes.
NARUTARD!:omg i luv naruto it is so cool :D wo0o0o0ot!
Tom: Uh, it's really not that great.
NARUTARD!: WAT DID U SAY! =0 MAY <insert stupid over-used japanese name here> HAV MRCY ON UR SOUL!
Tom: Uh, right. How much do you watch that fucking stupid show, anyway?
NARUTARD!: Lik evryday, it comes on my fav channl (some stupid toon channel that doesn't understand anime), right before my beddy-bye time! (nine-o-clock in the evening)
Tom: Okay, whatever. You give otakus a bad name. That's why the Japanese hate them. Go get a life.
NARUTARD!: well i couldnt imagin lif without naruto! >:
A disappointing anime series contaminated with fillers and rather poor animation roughly 95% of the time-- and an excellent manga if the shōnen genre is your thing. Fans of this series, often derogatorily referred to as Narutards, do not always (and in some cases, rarely) belong to the stereotype in which they are categorized. Many people that highly dislike the series believe that the characters' colorful clothes defeat the purpose of being a ninja. These people are also evidently oblivious to the fact that the ninja originated in Japan. The Japanese ninja of the era in which these characters are based from had no specific clothing, and were not portrayed in the stereotypical black suits seen in popular Western culture.
Naruto certainly is not the best anime/manga title on Earth, and as a matter of fact, it isn't even close. But a person can't be wrong in saying it is enjoyable to them or a personal favourite; and it isn't shit simply because you feel superior when you say so.
"You like Naruto?"

"Me? Yeah."

"Much like the majority, I'm going to make the biased assumption that you exclaim '--BELIEVE IT!' in public areas and want to fuck the main character because of the small, insignificant amount of information I have received about your interest in Naruto. I am extremely intelligent."

"Please get your head out of your ass."
by xKenshin February 22, 2009

Synonym for pedophile


A word used to describe people who fail in life.

person 1: *while watching an old man flirting on a 12 year old* gawd what a naruto... O_O;;;


person 1: -,- I dropped out of HS and refuse to get a job cuz im so lazy...

person 2: lawl naruto!
by kawaii tina October 27, 2007
Naruto was a rapidly growing anime that is available in both manga and anime form. It went downhill after everyone realized what dumbfucks they were. It stars a 'hyperactive' son of a bitch blonde boy named Naruto Uzumaki. He is convinced that his values and ideals will far surpass everyone around him, including his friends, and that one day he will rule the ninja world with an iron fist. The show consists of many, many fillers, an example being sketcy, depressing flashbacks. They don't want to waste their precious time animating action, so they decided to use flashbacks that include 'awkwards silences between characters' or 'talking obsessively about another person.' More reasons this show continues to fail at basically everything is the characters. The creaters believed that they were creating simple yet ideal and interesting ninja's, but in reality, they have either no personality, and if they do, it does not befit a ninja in anyway. And also, a very sad fact has been noted that no girls exist in the anime. Fans searched very hard to find one perhaps even in the background of scenes, but not a hint of estrogen could be gathered from Naruto.
Otaku: Oh, hey dude, did you catch Naruto last night?
Common sense: Yeah, you mean that anime that sucks in every possible way you can think of?
Otaku: Yes! That's the one. ^_^
Common sense: Sorry. I was too busy having a life.
by Kokoko August 14, 2007

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