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Popular manga and t.v. show in Japan done by Masashi Kishimoto.It stars Naruto and his classmates, Sasuke and Sakura and their sensei, Kakashi.When Naruto was born the 4th hokage seeled a demon inside Naruto's body.He is now 12-years old and boy does he love to eat ramen!
by Gaara_lover May 26, 2005
1. A character from a hit anime tv show.
Sakura has a crush on her classmate, Sasuke Uchiha.Aparently Sakura is in rivalry with Ino Yamanaka who likes Sasuke too.Eventualy Sakura ended up making her hair grow longer because she heard that Sasuke likes girls with long hair.
2. Japanese for Cherry Blossom.
by Gaara_lover May 26, 2005
The main character of the anime PeaceMaker who is out to avenge his parents that got killed by the Choshu Clan by joining the Shinsingumi.But things didnt go as he planed, he ended up being the Vice Commander's page so he couldn't fight!
by Gaara_lover May 27, 2005

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