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An extremely over-rated anime about wanna-be ninjas going to a ninja accademy. It is mostly watched by 13 year olds who think they are watching "real anime". Sure, it's a anime...a really , really shitty anime, though. Real ninjas don't wear ORANGE. The animation style is pure shit and it takes at least 3 episodes to finish a fight. Watch a better anime like Ninja Scroll. Naruto just sucks...period.
13-year old: "OMFG, I watched Naruto last night! It's the best anime ever!!"
Otaku: "...die."
by XioJade January 13, 2007
A gay show where a group of lame attention whores do dangerous and stupid shit for money.
Fear Factor is the stupidest live show on television and I hope it gets taken of the air, it sucks so much.
by XioJade July 18, 2006

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