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The alternative to "nigga" or "homie" that is not lame, AND approved for white people!
-What's up my Nacl!?
-Hey, Carl.
by Chemistry4Group November 02, 2010
3 9
Used to call someone salty. Which is being upset or pissed about something.
Instead of calling someone "salty" Nacl (pronounced nah-cal) is used because NaCl is a common salt.
He was all NaCl because he just got played.
by greenberries May 28, 2010
30 10
Common table salt
"I put NaCl on your mum's chips"
by The Randy Andy August 17, 2008
17 15
The alternative or text language for "whatever".
(na-kl) (a is like the a in apple).
-Dude, you're totally wrong.
-Nacl, man.
by Chemistry4Group November 02, 2010
4 7
similar to yoinking, stealing, unable to be taken back
I will nacl your soul
by Jared Shafer May 11, 2006
7 22