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This is a characteristic often found in people who generally lack motivation and smoke copious amounts of marijuana. Nerb behavior is often defined as lazy, slow, and a lack of emotion.
Matt was such a nerb today, all he did was smoke and fall asleep on the couch while everyone else went out to the bar.
by Karl mayor of creep street March 06, 2010
A crossover between n00b and nerd, a nerb is like a nerd-in-training.
Friend: Dude, that kid applied to CalTech, RPI, Cornell and MIT!
Other friend: What a nerb.
by Sid Barrett February 28, 2008
The kind of nerd who gets excited about obscure grammatical questions and discusses them ad nauseum. Etymology: a play on "noun" and "verb".
Can you believe those nerbs? They actually spent ten minutes this morning discussing the correct pronunciation of "plebian". I hate people like that.
by maskedwoman February 13, 2014
A nervous bonor
How am I supposed to go onstage with this raging nerb?
Dan, will go pick up my quiz from Mrs. Miller? Look at the size of this nerb.

Honey, you always get on my nerbs.
by Capt. Chet February 02, 2013
The act of using a noun as a verb.
Father - "Brian, it is way past your curfew, where have you been!"

Son - "Sorry dad, a missle was headed for Grandma's wheelchair and sensing danger i drove accross town to rescue here. So yeah, that is why I'm late."

Father - "I'll Grandma you one...!"

Son - "Dad totally NERB'd Grandma"
by TheBeejer August 11, 2009
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