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The home of an elite group of scholars at whom Harvard students laugh from ages 18-22, and work for until retirement.
Assistant: "Hey boss, didn't you go to Cornell University?"

CEO: "Yes, get me a coffee."

by D H October 09, 2007
Where hopeful youth go to have their aspirations obliterated. See: antonyms for Disneyworld, Utopia
Neil: "Yo, dude! I'm goin to Cornell!"

Brian: "Can I have your stereo after you jump off the bridge?"
by bobbysss April 13, 2006
the coolest school ever.
well not really
but we try to fool ourselves

at least its better than harvard.
"So we go to Cornell. It's in the middle of nowhere but we really don't care."
by CARNAN November 18, 2006
The colors dude ever fucks all the bitches gets money smoke weed and beat niggas he gets so much pussy that when bitches see him thy automatically give it up he lives in Maryland where he be trappin in the cut
DudE I wish I was a cornell

Dad when I grow up I wanna be just like Cornell

Men my girl say she only like Cornell's
by Bbz August 09, 2012
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