The act of using a noun as a verb.
Father - "Brian, it is way past your curfew, where have you been!"

Son - "Sorry dad, a missle was headed for Grandma's wheelchair and sensing danger i drove accross town to rescue here. So yeah, that is why I'm late."

Father - "I'll Grandma you one...!"

Son - "Dad totally NERB'd Grandma"
by TheBeejer August 11, 2009
Turning a noun into a verb
Dude I can't believe that you just nerbed google.
by naravatu May 10, 2009
When there is a verb right after a noun.
Derived from the name of artist Boz Scaggs
"For my birthday I got the Greatest Live Hits CD/DVD of Ball Sags"

"Dude, you mean Boz Scaggs, right?"

"Oh your right, that was a nerb, sorry/"

Other examples: Butt picks, Neck cracks, or Throat slits, etc."
by Endgame1320 August 14, 2010
Cross between two very common internet disses. Nerd + Noob.
Fucking nerb!
by Bannakis April 10, 2009
a person that has bad odur and is a nerd.
"darcy your such a nerb"
"no im not i only got an A+"
by bonnie danny June 02, 2006
Nerb, Means a "Noobie/Newbie" Nerd. Someone who is new, but also a nerd. Therefore, a "nerb".
You're Such A Nerb. Gtfo.
by Sharl(JPS) September 02, 2005
A person who does not have 'a life' meaning they dont get out much or doesnt spend much time with much people, just with their computer or video games. Basically it is another meaning for nerd!
"You see him over there near Stormwind, that level 80, he is a Nerb!"
by Normec13 March 24, 2009

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