a noun improperly used as a verb
i will go on google to google the word
calendar that date on the calendar
TiVo that show tomorow with TiVo
Pants his pants down
by Afro Thunder February 28, 2005
Nerds who want to hide their inner identities, so they reflect the d about the y axis.

Perhaps after Nerd, a character in If I Ran the Zoo, by Theodor Seuss Geisel; then to a typo
Despite the fact that he got rid of his pocket protector, he was still a nerb.
by Robert Sled May 20, 2004
a combination of a hefty herb+nerd typa nigga
yo that succa is a fuckin nerb
by dre February 14, 2004
A word for a MASSIVE nerd.
"dude, those pokémon guys are NERBS"
by Rilo June 28, 2003
one who inserts both feet simultaneously into ones anus
wow, look at that fucking nerb
by Mike June 06, 2005

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