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NAS-tard (adj.) - A person who watches cars turn left for three hours.
"Cletus has lost quite a few brain cells since he began watching stock car racing, he's a first-class NAStard."
by mr & jb September 03, 2006
a nasty bastard, nastier than a normal bastard
That guy is such a nastard!
by jazzman September 07, 2004
Way to say: "Nasty Bastards!"
After moo kicked Tang, she went insane and started calling us nastards!!11one!
by Carzum October 17, 2009
Simply put, a nasty bastard.
Did you see that guy picking at that giant scab on his arm? what a nastard?
by Limpdick Faggotface March 21, 2010
a nasty bastard.
"Fuck him! He's a dirty nastard."
by ProgPrincess August 28, 2009
is some one who talks shit about Nascar but has no clue about the sport
all nastards think they just turn left.
by nascarbuddy January 18, 2011
Nastard is the combination of nasty and bastard. This is usually reserved for a deeply hated party.
Tom Delonge is a nastard.
That Hitler, what a nastard.
by Jalaine April 01, 2007

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