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Itself an invented word used exclusively pejoratively to dismiss newly coined words. Usually used to express distaste for words inconvenient to one's ideology.
Pederasts, a more perverse subtype of faggots, declare moralphobia a neologism.
by Tokenizing Words December 19, 2007
Words wikipedia, itself a neologism, finds inconvenient.
Wikipedia, itself a neologism, discourages the use of neologisms.
by Tokenizing Words December 19, 2007
The promotion of which is the sole purpose of urbandictionary's existence.
Urbandictionary is a collection of neologisms.
by DrIdiot January 12, 2006
Basically, a new word that comes into a language through creatively using that language. Borrowed words from other languages and dialects are not neologisms.
Ebonics: Ebony Phonics

Notice both ebony and phonics are 'english' words, these two words were creatively used to create a new english word.
by Dwayne December 04, 2003
a word that means "new word". it comes from the Latin roots "neo"(meaning "new") and "log"(meaning "word"). the "ism" os not that important.
List of Neologisms:

all the names of pokemon are neologisms
by this website is ruined November 30, 2005
A Neologism can be a few different things. It can be a new word, a new way someone uses a word, or a new type of phrase.
It is derived from the Greek word, Neo, which means "New."
A Neologism in the sense of a new word would be, for instance, Chumbling. This is chewing and mumbling at the same time. In this, it is also a compound word, however, it is a new or recent word. In the sense of a new use of a word, look at the use of the words in the Urban Dictionary. These are all neologisms. This also applies to the phrases. The Urban Dictionary, in it self is a Neologistic source.
by Joseph Grant P II May 11, 2007
a new word
he had created a neologism
by realist April 23, 2003