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if one was to play their vagina as an instrument, it would be called the vagolin.
"This new piece I'm learning for my vagolin is very hard. The fingerings are so tricky."
by ProgPrincess September 12, 2009
the face one makes when they are tirelessly trying to convince you that they are right (about what, it does not matter).
"As he tried to explain why Dr. Drew is not a doctor, you should've seen him. "Classic" topherface."
by ProgPrincess December 19, 2009
Another word for vagina.
"Ouch! You just punched my totch."
by ProgPrincess August 22, 2009
The act of a person, throughout an entire movie, saying all of the funny lines from the movie directly before the line is said by the actor/actress in the movie.
"Dude. Please stop your incessant prepeating. You're totally ruining our movie experience!!"
by ProgPrincess February 05, 2010
The holiday celebrated by atheists while others celebrate Christmas or Chanukah.
"For the last few years I've been feeling a little awkward about wishing my boyfriend, an atheist, a Merry Christmas. So, this year I'm gonna try out 'Have an Indifferent Atheostica' & see how that feels."
by ProgPrincess November 29, 2009
People who think & believe that they not only know everything, but they also are always right.
"During an innocent game of Wii bowling, the opposing team kept behaving like utter nostradumbasses. Proclaiming they'd won before the last player went,"
by ProgPrincess November 07, 2009
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