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Usually a young girl of about 13-19 on MySpace, although males are known to be myspace whores too, ranging in the area of about 14-18, ex. Daniel Hilton. Usually has over 1K friends, and lets you know it often, even though is always complaining about being lonely and posting bulletins to the affect of "talk to me or i'll delete my profile" (does this often, too.) Takes many photos of themselves scarcely clad or in some odd gangster pose though, usually, would get shot if they did that out side of myspace. Ususally "scene", "emo", "hXc" or "sXe". Posts picture captions to the affect of "Ewwww, im so ugly" or "OMFG, arent i so fucking hot??!!!". Wears lots of eyeliner. Generic bands, likes, dislikes, has no real personality. IS GROSS.

WARNING: maybe a paid member, or whores for advertising.
Contest sites (usually run by teenaged girls)
Daniel Hilton

"Goddammit. She's naked in the picture. She is such a myspace whore."

"He has W4Wed (whore for whore) them 5 times. He's a myspace whore."

"Those pictures all look the same. And they've been spammed for 7 pages! WHAT A MYSPAE WHORE!"

"She has over 3000 friends, and doesnt know any of them personally. She's just a fucking mypace whore."
by catedawg March 31, 2007

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