myspace whores are normally a girl, but some times a guy whose time is consumed greatly by myspace,
they normally have 1k+ friends,
have whore me codes,
tell you a ton about them in their profile in attempt to look cool,
post TONS of w4w bulletins,
post pictures daily.

though, myspace whores are not always just for friends.
I myself am a stereotyped myspace whore,
so is my boyfriend,
(we know eachother personally.) :D

but we both have our OWN clothing lines.
typical bulletin for a myspace whore:

-talks to anyone!!

^^ that is a typical whore for whore bulletin.
by January 15, 2008
A girl who uses myspace to flirt with many guys that she would like to "meet" *cough*HOOK UP WITH*cough*. She has never met any of them, and will constantly talk about the random guys she's meeting that could be a sick ass perv. She will have at least 3 guys that she wants to meet, and talks to all 3plus in one day.
"She's flirting with all these random guys on myspace; She's such a fucking myspace whore"
by Alyssa S August 20, 2007
any person who has more than 250 "friends" they dont know on thier friend list. also if u are always posting comments saying " please comment...ill comment u back"
My friend billy bob is such a MYSPACE WHORE
by TheBIGA July 17, 2006
(Also called an E-Slut)

A girl with low self-esteem, low intelligence or both who uses Myspace as a medium to post lame pictures or moronic blogs. A fuck that requires little to no effort. And you can break-up with her after she attempts (and hopefully succedes) suicide for the 6th time. Then you can just repeat the process.
So not shaving, getting a haircut and liking wuss music actually is attractive to these people. Killer!
by Mikal K March 05, 2005
Myspace whore ~girl or guy who have more "friends" on myspace then they know in the world they actually live in. One who goes to the bar at night to meet a person face to face because they need to get what the people in the town wont give them
Damn, A Nice Ass, but way to many friends on here, man she has alot of guy friends, wonder if she is just a myspace whore
by ashopie February 11, 2008
Someone who approves all the MySpace friend requests just so they can feel important.
Did you see all of Cindy's friends? Man, she is such a MySpace Whore.
by TheMonger May 17, 2006
A sociopath who lives for myspace, updating her profile and waiting for comments by the minute. Or a Huge whore who posts pictures to sell herself online, especially on band sites because she's hoping to get all the lame freaky old emo guys to sleep with her cause they have nothing else to do than meet up with here.
Mom: ru on the internet again? u shouldn't be such a myspace whore!
Myspace Whore: Duh? I had to add my slutty pictures of myself so that all the hott internet 40-year-olds can look at me.
Mom: We're calling "To Catch a Predator"
Myspace Whore: F*** u! I love my boys!
by crashingheart May 07, 2007
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