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An American sports car introduced in April, 1964, as part of Ford's 1965 model year line-up. Originally available in coupe and convertible styles, it later added a fastback option. Notable models include the '69-'70 BOSS models (302/429), the '65-'67 Shelby-built models (G.T.350/G.T.500), and the '69-'73 and '03-'04 Mach 1 models. The Ford Mustang underwent a major redesign in 2005. It now bares resemblance to the '68 fastback models.
'99 Mustang GT
0-60: ~5.5 sec

'98 Camaro Z/28
0-60: ~5.2 sec
by Myajd jdg July 21, 2005
114 67
An American made car that, while definitely not a muscle car, can be categorized as a nice sports car at the proper trim level. This car usually can not beat a stock V8 Camaro or Firebird in its stock form, but with the use of modifications, can become faster. While most people fight over whether the Camaro/Trans Am or Mustang is better, it is always better to have either of them than a piece of crap rice rocket.
Even though my stock Z28 can beat your Mustang GT in the 1/4 mile by about a second, be proud that you dont have that piece of crap Civic with that ghey body kit.
by 96z28 June 11, 2005
313 267
A great American sports car. All though not all variants are great, still has more power than a Civic or Accord. Lets face it, if you need spray to get you up to 80, you don't need to race.
Come on... Roush, Saleen, Shelby, nobody can beat those name affiliations.
by Josh June 19, 2003
179 138
Sports car first sold in the 64 1/2 model year, if its fair to say that. Outlived every other sports car in the American market. One of the few cars to make Icon status. First off, if your going to attempt to insult something and can't spell it correctly or sound like an idiot, you have lost anything you were attempting. Secondly, you have to put so much damn money into a honda/acura, mitsubishi, mazda, or pretty much any import to just keep up with American muscle its not worth it. Third, to put to rest the mustang/camaro/firebird, there is not that much of a difference out of the factory, comes down to the driver. It comes down to how much you want to spend and how far your willing to go with it.
How cute, a civic with a body kit. How does American exhaust taste and my tail lights look? Thats what I thought. Buy a real car kid.
by mike October 07, 2004
87 48
A car that has been mistaken as an american legend. When in all reality is driven by high school girls and 35 year old douche bags trying to bang the aforementioned high school girls. Most are equipped with underpowered V6 engines, however most are driven like they are formula one cars or top fuel dragsters. Often decorated with stickers of performance parts that the vehicle is not equipped with "i.e. Edelbrock, NOS, etc." These cars are peices of shit and should be destroyed.
"Wow! I just paid 500 dollars for this mustang its got a v6, oh, and check out that edelbrock sticker on the back window. Its so bad ass"
by Mustangs are gay. July 06, 2009
193 155
A model of muscle car made by Ford motor company in the mid 1960's now one of the Greatest Muscle/sports cars of itz day
I like the new 2005 Mustang how bout you?
by Lestat 16 April 01, 2005
102 68
1) one of, if not the, most effective fighter plane in WWII.
2)small horse found on the western plains, originally from Spain.
3)The original pony car, one that inspires an equal amount of hatred and adoration in the American public. Usually those that hate it are: LS1 owners (they rate respect from any Mustang driver with brains) and ricers (who couldn't win respect in a church raffle). From the point of view of a Mustang driver, LS1's are the sh*t. Enuff said there, so we will move on to the enmity expressed by the ricer crowd. What a joke group of "tuners". Usually, in a street confrontation, a ricer will pull up to a Mustang, and they will leave the light normally. Upon the Mustang reaching 2000 RPM's (Mustangs have a tendency to scream at this point...), the ricer will take off, assuming the 'Stang driver is trying to race him, and revving his engine to the moon to make some semblence of power. He then runs home to his chat boards and claims that he owned a mustang from a dig when he actually only pulled ahead by, at most, half a car length.
Q: What do a 800 HP (horsepower) Supra and a 500 HP (horsepower) MUSTANG have in common?

A: 10 second time slips. Get bent, you nip car driving f*c*s.
by RedRum January 18, 2004
75 49