No, not the best car. Let's be realistic. It looks awesome, but isn't perfect. Handling, comfort, etc. It's number 1 in bang for buck.
Stiffen the suspension and lighten it a bit, and you win.
person 1-Look at that mustang, i could smoke it with my civic.
person 2 (smart dude)-No, you couldn't.
by Taco Paco March 28, 2009
An American muscle car made by the Ford Motor Company. The vehicle became successful with the release of the first generation models from 1964 to 1973. The cars from this era are often heralded as being 'legendary' and epitomise the American passion for 'American Muscle'. The car was used by legendary actors such as Steve McQueen, and its image has been romanticised in recent years by enthusiasts.

The Mustang has continued to be built, but coolness has waned since the initial iconic vehicle. The second generation, from 1974 to 1978 is generally considered to be a flop, and the third and fourth generation Mustangs were optimistic, though by far lacking the aesthetic and inspirational aspects of the original. The power to engine size ratio of these cars was generally rather poor stock (140hp from a 4.9L engine in a top spec model) and these cars failed to mimic the success of the initial vehicle.

In 2004, Ford unveiled a 5th generation of 'Stangs with a body very reminiscent of the very first Mustangs (I think they are gorgeous) and the current generation of the Mustangs is perhaps a revitalisation of the old dream.

Though perhaps it is proving more difficult than it seems. Today the Mustang is a dying breed. Sure the current model is pretty cool, and manages more than 140bhp, but the concept of American Muscle is difficult to emulate, in an age of Super Active Yaw Control when you can get 405bhp from 2.0L engines. The engine of the current Mustang is said to be made out of 'volcanic rock and pig iron' and is said to produce less power for its size than the Daewoo Matiz. The current Mustang is built by a Vietnamese man and was designed by a Canadian.

But this doesn't stop us from loving the Mustang, which embraces that 'American' part of our soul. The part of the soul which doesn't care if the 8.9L engine is only producing 40bhp, the part of you that just loves the charm and grace of the Mustang, with a V8, roaring down the Interstate.
"Its the 4.6L V8 from a Mustang, and it's a terrible engine. Its got two valves per cylinder, its made from volcanic rock and pig iron, it produces carbon dioxide in lumps the size of houses, it produces less power for its size than an engine in the Daewoo Matiz, and if you push it, it does about 9 miles to the gallon. Its rubbish"

Man at the lights in a Civic - "yo dude, race my NOS powered Civic"
Man at the lights in a Mustang - "OK"
(Civic gets smoked)

Man at the lights in a Nissan Skyline - "you dude, race my efficient and powerful Nissan Skyline"
Man at the lights in a Mustang - "OK"
(Mustang gets smoked)
Man at the lights in a Mustang - (I've got to learn to say more)
by NotTanvirHonest March 01, 2008
The most bad ass vehicle ever engineered. This car has an incredibly large aftermarket and a huge following. Mustangs can usually be found in your own town burning rice rockets and camaros.
Isn't it interesting that Ford still makes the Mustang and GM quit making F-bodies in 2002!? Oh and Mustangs came out earlier too!!
by nick September 11, 2003
1.An officer in the Marine Corps that is prior-enlisted. The only officer that is respected by the enlisted personnel because he went up the food chain throu the real shite, instead of just coming straight up by having a BS degree in toilet paper.

2.a wild, undomesticated horse.
" all officers should be mustangs".
by gigantus March 10, 2006
Leftover beer from a party that reappears at another function. Usually the least desirable and never more than one of each brand/type.
"Dude, what's in the fridge? Bud Ice Light? Sam Adams Brown Ale? Corona Light? Fosters?"

"Yeah, Mike brought a bunch of mustangs from his party"
by Rizzo February 23, 2005
The bits of poo that hang from your bum hairs after you go to the toilet. They don't fall so they mustang (must hang)..
I just went to the toilet but I did not wipe properly so now I have mustang.
by gickyn1985 July 24, 2009
Mustang: ONE OF THEE GREATEST muscle cars produced throughout history (regardless of what ppl think of the camaro... If its so great and such a competitor why did GM quit producing it?) Ford never quit making the mustang even when sales were at all time lows they continued to sell... Ive also read on here about people ripping on the V6 mustang calling it a ricer... alright I will agree the V6 isnt much.... But I didnt see anything about the V8 stangs or the H.O. 302s(for the ppl that think they're something but dont understand this those are the fast ones...)line that small block up with a good 4 speed and you got a rocket.. should run upper 140s lower 150s(mph)top end stock..(I own a 91 mustang LX with the V8 5.0 302 H.O. so im goin off info that I kno is fact..)if you dont believe me check out a mustang website and learn something. O yea and if you have to ask what H.O. means you wouldnt understand... ;)
any car can be modified to run like a motherfucker alright? so lets compare when they're (((!!!!STOCK!!!!))) cuz its just fuckin dumb to compare a 500 hp camaro vs a 300 hp mustang vice versa right?
by MustangFreak302 June 30, 2007

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