The bits of poo that hang from your bum hairs after you go to the toilet. They don't fall so they mustang (must hang)..
I just went to the toilet but I did not wipe properly so now I have mustang.
by gickyn1985 July 24, 2009
Love it or hate it, a car that will make people envy you or want to fuck you. The only sports car left standing after Camaro and Firebird bit the dust. A reason to have an inflated ego and think your one B.A.M.F! Can also make you look 10x sexier/hotter than before.
Guy A: Dude, did you just see that chick?
Guy B: The one that just got out that Mustang?
Guy A: Yeah!
Guy B: She is dog ass ugly!
Guy A: Right now, yeah, but when she was behind the wheel of that Mustang she was smokin'
by BrokeRich March 23, 2009
"To go mustang." To rebel, subvert, lose control of oneself.
"There's no food, no water, AMEE's gone mustang...and oh, we can breathe the air here." --Gallagher (played by Val Kilmer), describing the situation on Mars after crash-landing. AMEE is an advanced robotic instrument whose acronym stands for Autonomous Mapping Exploration and Evasion. Upon landing and discussing whether to harvest parts from Amee, she "misunderstands" their intent and switches to evasion and auto-defense mode (and "goes mustang").
by Troy Prinkey September 09, 2007
1) Car that attracts admiring stares and comments from men, especially when being driven by a young female.
2) Classic Ford sports car
3) An American icon
Since I got my Mustang, guys are constantly looking it over and asking me if that's my car.
by mustangchick April 07, 2005
an ugly boring ass town in the grand old state of Oklahoma
i hate mustang oklahoma, its an ugly boring ass town
by katluvsya_91 February 03, 2009
1. A wild horse traditionally found in western North America, supposedly descended from the horses brought from Spanish settlers.

2. One of the more effective fighters of the air war in WWII.

3. What's the difference between a Mustang, a Camaro and a Trans-Am? The sheet metal, morons. Anyone who thinks there's a lick of difference between Ford and GM engineering is lying to themselves. Mustangs have always had comparable performance to F-Body's in the same price range/trim level.

To all you ricers complaining about how mustangs don't make a lot of horsepower, their engines are purposefully tuned for TORQUE. Horsepower sells cars, but torque wins races.
"My Camaro is SOOO much faster than that Mustang with the same displacement, torque, horsepower and weight distribution because I'm SOOOOO cool!"
by Harper June 20, 2004
A decent track car for the money(Rouche, Mach 1, Cobra), that Ford turned upside down and shook all the cool parts out of, to sell to wannabes and daughters with rich daddies(GT and lower) so they can FEEL cool.

You will also pay the amount for the car in repair costs after ten years.
My Cobra destroyed that Firebird at the track.

I got humiliated in my baseline Mustang by an Integra

This is the third maser cylinder I've replace in my Mustang.
by PatchMasterDoom August 12, 2008

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