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the melfort hockey team players, all graduated and often found at a high school party trying get a young, underaged teenage girl intoxicated. When they succeed in this they then all pass her around having sexual relations with her and then leave her to pass out somewheres in the house that the party is at. the young girl is then labeled a puck for the rest of her life.
leah can't wait to hit that mustang after practice
by treflip666 November 07, 2006
The runny liquid substance that comes out of the mustard bottle before the actual mustard if you don't shake it well before use.
I went to put mustard on my hotdog and all I got was this fuckin musquirt.
by treflip666 November 08, 2006
a gross distgusting ass mold that grows on a freak's penis
dude, that guy has the worst dink cheese ever!
by treflip666 November 08, 2006

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