a car that is much nicer lookin' than all gm products, that explains why all camero drivers like to pick in it ;-))
by stang driver July 08, 2003
An America Muscle car in all aspects, the Ford mustang is considered by many to be the greatest muscle car/ tuner ever. Not only does my 1988 Mustang obliterate any jap car it hooks up with in it's nearly stock form, but it also has a long burn list including the following
-recently a 2006 Chevrolet Corvette C6(man did he look silly)
-Porches(little fags in the 911 stopped smiling when I stomped on it)
-Grand Am GTPs
-Formula Firebirds
-IROC Camaros
-Trans Ams
-Mercedeses(Sl300-400 and I AMG that killed a shift)
-Dozens of Honda's(they flock like flies on crap when the exhaust rumbles)
-And a long list of other applicable vehicles and brand names not worthy enough to mention
Basically, anything else takes it up the tail pipe!
(with the exception of few)
My Mustang has more kills than Hitler
by ThrashMetalWarrior January 06, 2006
Hrmm... well first off, there is no better sound than the mixture of my procharger whistling and my flowmasters rumbling. Matter of fact, when i hit 6 grand, i get a wood :D. But seriously, the only car that could MAYBE touch my car is a DSM. Fuckin all wheel drive turbocharged eclipse/talon. That is the only car i have had to run down. Notice i said run down ;). I own a 98 Mustang Cobra thats supercharged and i wouldnt trade it for anything except for a mach 1 or nothing. Oh and go to #bawnet on gamesnet! :D
omg i love counterstrike. oh and imma lil civic owner and i got burned by a cobra, i stoped after he hit second cause it hurt my ears :X.
by vagina pwning wem0 August 31, 2003
1. Helps pick chicks up. Pussy Wagon.
2. Classic Ford car still in production.
We can take the mustang out this weekend and pickup some chicks.
by BillyGoat November 14, 2002
the most coolest car a guy coukd ever have if he wants to pick up the ladies.
hey man you gonna go mustang some chicks
by mustang March 23, 2003
A pretty good looking/fast car that morons who own camaros/firebirds like to insult due to their lack of funds to buy one.
Firebird kid: Mustangs suck!

Mustang owner: (throws the firebird kid some loose change) here, go buy yourself a real car

Firebird kid (waits till mustang owner leaves, then pockets the change)
by oreN March 15, 2005
A car to get girls. I love my stang. This supercharged bullit will waste all ur camaro's, and all those other pieces of crap on the freeway. If you only knew how to treat a Stang you'd love it
while you're looking out the window trying to figure out who owns the car and how fast it really goes, I'll be in your sister's, girlfriend, and maybe in your mom's room giving them a tune up.
by Dragnet, Friday August 15, 2003

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