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Used by Suburbians of Chicago to refer to the near west surburb(s) of Maywood and/or Bellwood Illinois. Also used in an ironic attempt to try and put on for they city to gain street credit and give the suburb(s) a harder-core image. Murder Woods is known for their increasing crime rate which includes, but is not limited to terrorism, gang activity, drug trafficking, rape, arson, treason, burglary, kidnapping, robbery, and of course Murder (hence the name Murder Woods). Not to be mistaken for or used interchangeable with Chiraq.
Girl: Ay boy, where you stay at?

Boy: I'm from da Woods, Murder Woods! All day!

Girl: Nigga! You weak as hell! Chiraq all day & night baby!
by Shavonm M Q July 26, 2012
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