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The act of getting so drunk while playing a cooperative online game that your team has not chance of success.
Dude, we totally got murched by that healer.
by WoWGamer August 20, 2010
Pretty much the coolest thing since Cabbage Patch Kids. Has an obsession with Spongebob & Mashed Potatoes. Is known to make you laugh and will also make you cry like you're cutting onions. Don't piss this bitch off or You're goin to Hell.

Also a thug, gangster, baller, or any other term you would like to relate to the word p.i.m.p.
You see that girl over there? She's such a Murch.
by Murch June 17, 2008
its pretty much watever u want it to mean...it all depends on how u use it
u murchin=u trippin
Murch!?!=aww foreal?
by Mr.E.K.G February 28, 2011
When something is more than much
"Do you want to go the store with me?"..."No that might be murch."
by bood May 17, 2009
A fine girl. Usually distinguished by a fine ass booty. Also means great in bed.
"That girl is so damn fine! She's most deff a Murch." OR
"That was really fantastic lesbian sex. That ho was 'Murchin' it."
by Victoria'saslut. June 17, 2008