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A term for crying at a video/tv show/movie.
Jack is always cutting onions whenever he watches the catch with dad scene in Field of Dreams.
by KKnD June 04, 2015
A term used to hide the fact that you are actually crying due to being moved emotionally by implying that you are crying because someone must be cutting onions.
When Jack saw the video of the lost dog being reunited with its owner he began to tear up and exclaimed, "Who's cutting onions!"
by TheRealDealToo January 14, 2016
sex, or pertaining to a sexual action
Ryan and I were cutting onions after school
by Thomas Oldham October 20, 2004
A general term for any sexual act, specifically involving penetration.
I sure would love to cut onions with Betty Lou.
by Lord Elven Sacrifice October 20, 2004
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