the difference between munchies and snacks is simple, snacks are just there and you eat them because they are, but munchies is the food that you crave to eat.
dude one: man im craving chips so badly right now.
dude two: yaa maan me to lets go get some munchies.
dude one: down to munch man
by polishcutiee January 23, 2011
A slang word for any sort of craving.
My pockets got the munchies, and I feed them well (this sentence means he has a craving for money, but makes a lot).
by The Great Dark February 01, 2015
An incurable delight
I had the munchies all night and I was on the toilet for a half hour this morning
by ninjainjun62 October 12, 2010
When your hungry as fuck after smoking some bud thats mad good.
"yo you see him? he put yo mommas cornbread muffin a charleston chew in the pockets of his sweats then grabbed a glass of oj...hes got some rad munchies.
by herry pothead January 08, 2006
Hungry after smoking some weed. It is most likely the stoner will eat junk food.
You're actually not really hungry. It's like you haven't ate something for a long time, let's say a month.

So basically, it's a type of effect after smoking marijuana.
Nathan: I've had some serious munchies last night. I had some chicken, watermelon, burgers, pizza, mashed potatoes, bacon, shrimp, Onions, tomatoes, chili, soup, lettuce, nuts, Arby's, beef stew, burgers, instant noodles, cakes, pastries, biscuits and bread.

Trevor: Food is like a drug, and... you're an addict.
by Fr3nch fr13s July 10, 2014
The only negative thing about smoking marijuanna
Damn everything looks so good I got the munchies
by CC211 December 11, 2013
After smoking weed, you get very hungry and that's what the munchies are. The need for food, usually junk food.
Person #1 "where you going?"
Person #2 "cafeteria"
Person #1 "why? what's there?"
Person #2 "munchies yo, I get the munchies bad when I'm high"
by LIL90 February 27, 2008

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