The feeling about 25 minutes after finishing a bowl.
Justin: 'Whoa, I need some vanilla wafers and some of that stuff with the cheese and......that thing your mom made last week.....and, what was i doing?'

Theis:'I don't know, man, but i want some of that stuff my mom made last weekwith the cheese.....'
by Justin October 14, 2003
Ahh..weed. Gotta love it. It gives you munchies from hell! When im blitz i eat just about everything. Im just sittin there chillin watching music videos, and fucking A! it just hits me! I jump up and can barely carry all the food back to the couch. I definitely agree, you never seem to get full..everrrrr. everything tastes like heaven., i wish i was toked..=/
Yesterday, when i had the munchies, i had like no food in the i ate just about a whole loaf of bread, a few fudgecicles, and a whole pack of fig newtons..Dude, i still wanted more food. but there wasnt anything..=(
by bloopidybloopbloop May 06, 2009
You know you got mad munchies when you spend 60 bucks on food !
Me. - Lets hit the CVS store and buy some monsters & pringles.
10 minutes later...
Me. - Lets go to cacciatori and buy some mad pizza with super huge amount of cheese. !!!

30 minutes later...

Hit da gas station and buy shit load of snacks, chips, water :@


I used to spend more than 60 bucks on munchies every day....
by 0xff September 05, 2009
Getting the muchies after smoking pot is being hungry like the feeling you get after you haven't eaten in a long time
guy1: Mhmmmm im jonesing for some mcdonalds
guy2: Munchies man, its fun, but it also sucks
by spianko September 20, 2009
The magical feeling you receive right after smoking a nice big bowl of weed.

Its the best time to eat when you parents omit to do groceries.

Best food:
Chips & Dip, Doritos, A sandwhich with EVERYTHING on it, Cereal, anything cheesy, chocolate, chocolate covered almonds, trail mix, cashews, yeahhh.

Stoner 1: Man you have no food in your house!
Stoner 2: Sure I do, we just gotta get high.
Stoner 1: TRUE!

10 minutes later

Stoner 1: Man, I got the munchies man.
Stoner 2: Me too man.
by JANELLE! March 01, 2009
craving for food after toking up
order some pizza and make sure to get the hot wings cause i got the munchies like a mofo
by Harry Pothead July 20, 2003
Looking "good enough to eat."
Natalie Portman sure looks munchy.
by splice July 17, 2003

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