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After toking, everything just tastes like, well, magic.

If you smoke at home, you'll find when you sober up that all the food you would normally not eat because of expiry date or it just plainly tastes like shit is gone.
rip that bong and get them munchies goin bro.
by sebastiancee November 04, 2007
When your sitting on the couch just a few minutes after a glorious session with you and your best friend Mary Jane and you realize that all you want to do is eat the most delicious thing that you can think of with the ingredients in your kitchen at that particular time and point!
I am just chillin here and I have the most God Awful Munchies of my LIFE!!!!
by drew0387 May 19, 2011
The food you eat when you're stoned (you aren't always necessarily hungry). Sometimes you're just stoned and the flavour of food is highly enhanced or tastes completely different.

Differs from The Munchies as Munchies is the food you get when you have The Munchies. Thought I'd clear that up for you all.

Disambiguation: Munchies snack mix consisting of Doritos, Sun Chips, Rold Gold pretzels, and Cheetos (the original exploitation of the word). - Fucking delicious munchies.
- Chips
- Chocolate
- Ice cream
- ANYthing extremely sweet, salty, spicy, and/or crunchy

- Pretty much any food you can think of including things that you haven't thought of can be munchies.
by KD42 March 21, 2011
the extreme rush of wanting food
A man with bloodshot eyes stumbles into the kitchen: He opens the fridge and starts to devour...
"Damn, that brother got a case of the motherf*&&in munchies...wait a sec, so do I...im blitted..."
by StonerANON October 29, 2003
A brand-name snack food that combines other various types of snack foods (i.e. Doritos, Pretzles, Chex Mix, Goldfish...and i think i tasted cinnamon)
Man...I've got the munchies. Let us go to the UDF and by the munchies.
by Tommy May 19, 2004
The effect of smokin sum kill kill budd mayyynnnnnneeeeeeeeee gettin munchies from cricle K at 4 in the moring good :D
This shit that gets you to stuff ur face till you burst!!
HAHAHAH chinked eyes like Jackie Channnnnn monnnn
Stoner 1. "got any munchies Hayz?"
Stoner 2. "Ya mon i got sum chips and dippppp in the fridge, lets munch down!"
Parent. "Who the fuck ate all my munchies mayne im high as fuckkkkk!"
by BlaZin HaYz June 14, 2008
Were you get really hungry and so eat loads. This can happen after smoking drugs usualy weed. How wold i know i have never done drugs.
i just smoked weed now i have the munchies.
by Finnerty August 28, 2009