The munchies are a tasty side effect of smokein bud where you become uncontrolably hungry and begin to eat lots of junk food
me right now i just smoked an eigth and have the munchies like a bitch so i got two packs of oreos two instant ramen thingys two peices of cake and a pizza
by Buckeyes June 09, 2006
contrary to popular belief the munchies is not so much hunger it is a strong desire to eat because when your high/stoned everything tastes better
i got the munchies got any zombie chew?
by Bopachinas October 07, 2008
Side effect of marijuana. After you smoke weed, you feel really hungry
Dude, I got the munchies, lets go to Hot Dog Heaven - from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
by THEUNKNOWNperson July 11, 2008
Any food consumed after partaking the pot. Pretty much anything tastes good dipped in ranch dressing.
nasty, she just dipped gummi worms in ranch.

ya, she's got the munchies.
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance May 03, 2004

1. The sudden urge to eat junk foods after consuming (either by smoking or ingesting) cannabis/marijuana, usually accompanied by cotton mouth. The effect isn't necessarily hunger, instead the idea of food drifts into the stoner's mind.

2. A popular brand of snack food. Eaten mostly when one has the real munchies after smoking a bowl of dro.
Guy 1: Maaaan, Joe is so pissed at me. He picked up an eighth of some dank last weekend, I passed out for about an hour, then I woke up and ate up everything in his kitchen.
Guy 2: Damn dude, sounds like you had some badass munchies.

Guy 1: Man, I got the munchies like a mo' fucker.
Guy 2: So do I dude.
Guy 1: Hey look at that food rack over there. What's in there?
Guy 2: All I can see is that bag of munchies over there.
Guy 1: Let's get some, they look really good.

*Guy 2 begins nearing the rack, he immediately forgets what he was about to do, then procedes to ponder the great mysteries of life in the middle of Bi-Lo*
by Sionysus February 07, 2009
After you smoke weed and you feel really really hungry so you just eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat...
After we finish the Captain Crunch and Oreos and Animal Crackers and Goldfish and Chips and Bread amd lettuce we can order some pizza... Damn I got the Munchies.
by Your name's already being used January 29, 2009
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