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to destroy another individual or group at sports, fight or just life in general.Also can be used to describe how fucked up you were the night before or how fucked up you will get in the future.
Dude i got so mulched last night" or " Wow, you just got totally mulched by that brick shit house
by Weebls Wobble February 16, 2011
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To be heavily influenced by drugs or alcohol
Johnson bro we need to get mulched tonight, it's the last night of vacation!
by The voice of the common cock December 25, 2013
The highest level of intoxication, when you are so drunk that you pass out in some mulch or the garden.
Dude I was mulched last night
by MgKiwi July 26, 2010
extremely intoxicated
I got mulched and pissed on 35w this weekend.
by Ustwest November 03, 2003

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