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A sexual act between two lesbians. One lesbian, typically the dominant one in the relationship, proceeds to defecate on the vagina of the other lesbian. The two then proceed to scissor, smearing the fecal matter over both of their vaginas. Oftentimes the two lesbians will not shave their pubic hair for a few weeks prior, building up a bush to place the "mulch" around.
Carrie and Amanda were so busy mulching that they didn't hear the doorbell ringing.
by AnonoJon December 29, 2010
85 25
A group of men (five guys minimum) go to a cemetery and dig up a recently buried body. Everyone proceeds to have sexual intercourse with the dead body. After every man ejaculates in the hole (normally the vagina), the men draw straws. Whoever gets the shortest straw puts their mouth up to the hole and the other four men push on the stomach, letting all their cum push into the awaiting mouth.
After we go mulching, do you want to go get a cup of coffee?
by TechnoKitten72 October 07, 2013
8 2
you dig up a freshly barried female body and begin oral copulation with it. then, you have someone jump on her stomach so that her intestines flow into your mouth.
i need a toothbrush... we just got done mulching at the cemetary.
by el tigre de morte November 13, 2003
70 119
Mulch - wood that is not hard. Made of the same material, but not hard.
Jenna was looking very nice today...I was mulching.
by Mike Studebaker February 15, 2007
13 81