A mucky-muck is anyone wearing slacks on the construction site. Or any other form of business that normally don't have people wearing suit slacks. Example; architects, project managers, owners.
Watch out, there are mucky-mucks on the job. Stay away from them. They're dangerous.
by Youdummy May 29, 2011
Top Definition
A high ranking official. Can be governmental or corporate. Someone who has sway at an institution.
He's a mucky muck over at the power company now.
by Edy Smith October 19, 2007
A boss who sports a large salary and wears fancy clothing but doesn't actually do any work.
The Mucky Muck showed his face at the meeting until his secretary bailed him out with an "urgent phone call".
by adam aka psi February 18, 2004
Quite simply: muck. A thick, soiled or filthy slop. Sometimes indicates any type of mess, tangle or jumble.
"High above the mucky muck
Castle made of clouds
There sits Wonderboy
Sitting oh-so-proudly.
Not much to say
When you're high above the mucky muck... Yeaaauh! Yeuh!

What is the secret of your power?
Won't you take me far away from the mucky-muck, man?"
-- Tenacious D

"NIGEL: This one...this 'course is a custom three-pickup-'Paul. This is my radio...unit....
MARTY: Oh, I see....
NIGEL: So I strap this...this piece on, you know, right down in here when I'm on stage and....
MARTY: It's a wireless.
NIGEL: Wireless, exactly. And...uh I can play without all the mucky muck.
MARTY: You can run anywhere on stage with that."
-- This Is Spinal Tap
by yerrytonto June 13, 2007
A pompous person of importance (often of imagined and real power). From the phrase "High Muck-a-Muck", itself descended from Chinook Jargon, a pidgin language combining words from English, French, and several Pacific Northwest Native American languages.
The president of our college is a mucky-muck.
by Glamazon March 04, 2007
Your boss. Over paid, under worked. All perks, no work. The guy who wears flip-flops to work when you wear steel-toed boots.
The Mucky-muck in Administration wants me to build him a bigger office.
by Slave-boy October 27, 2004
cruddy crud, messy mess, gunky gunk

a term popularized by Tenacious D in their song Wonderboy.

Tenacious D is Wonderboy (Jack Black), and Young Nastyman (Kyle Gass).
overdue bills! nagging gf! o what a mucky muck i am in.

Wonderboy, won't you take me far away from the mucky muck now?

peace at last... not much to say when you're high above the mucky muck
by knowstrils October 04, 2009

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