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4 definitions by Youdummy

A mucky-muck is anyone wearing slacks on the construction site. Or any other form of business that normally don't have people wearing suit slacks. Example; architects, project managers, owners.
Watch out, there are mucky-mucks on the job. Stay away from them. They're dangerous.
by Youdummy May 29, 2011
8 2
Going to a resort area like Ft Lauderdale beach and going in a resort hotel pool until you get kicked out. Then just go to the next hotel and the next and the next.
When we were kids in the 60's we would go pool hopping on Ft Lauderdale beach. "You kids get out of here!!!" Great fun growing up.
by Youdummy January 01, 2013
8 6
Something that is way over the top cool. Like a man flying with a jetpack. The word 'awesome' is so over used and used to describe EVERYTHING, this give you an alternative if your adjective lexicon is limited to the the word 'awesome'.
I watched the space shuttle take off today. Very jetpack!
by Youdummy June 01, 2011
14 15
A dolt is a person who uses the word "awesome" to describe everything.
$2.99 hotdogs, awesome!
The Grand Canyon, awesome!
Do you think maybe you could use another adjective once in a while? What a dolt.
by Youdummy January 23, 2011
21 22