2 meanings...number one VVERYY evil hateful laugh wen u kno ur doing something so wonderfully hateful,,numberr two the word u use as a kiss goodbye wen u really rnt gonna KISS the person so ur just like muah im outt
MUAHAHAAHAHAHAHA i hav just convinced her boyfriend to break up w.her now hes all mineee MUAHAHAHA

muah! luv yass byee
by tiffanyy January 21, 2005
Top Definition
the sound made by giving a kiss.
i'll talk to you later Muah!(giving a kiss) love ya lots
by miriam February 21, 2003
The Sound made when giving a kiss also spelled as MuWah
Kisses for hello or goodbye.
"Talk to you soon, luv ya! Muah MuWah
#kisses #goodbye #ciao #muwah #luv ya
by Sweetkisses November 08, 2006
1. the sound you think when you are giving kudos or kisses to someone- when you are pleased with them
2. the sound you think when you are shouting evil curses at someone- or just being an evil little genius
3. anything you want it to be, because that is what "muah" is- it can be said (though i only write it- it is not as cool when said) in many different ways and describes many different moods
1. Muah! Kisses and hugs everyone!
2. You are so bloody pathetic. muah. :censored:
3. however you feel like bloody using it.... make it your word- personalize it :hehe: muah everyone!
Make Up and Hair
Used by photographes and makeup artists oftenly.
Photogrpaher: John Doe, MUAH: CJ Parker Junior III
#photo #makeup #photographer #stage #hair
by iMiKE July 10, 2012
It is a friendly online word to give a virtual HELLO or GOOD BYE KISS.

ok i got to go now i'll see you later MUAHS! <3
#muahs #virtual #hello #good bye #kiss
by MARIE BISTA May 25, 2010
A word only used to describe the feelings of someone when doing something extremely hardcore

can be used in a excited, "MUAAAH!" or a sad quiet "muah"

It is said to be the only word used by the Daevs.
Corey - muah?
Daev - MUAH!
#awesome #yelling #screaming #dave #corey
by Daev Daev October 31, 2010
1. The precieved sound of a kiss being bestowed upon a loved one.

2. An evil, scarry movie-like, menacing laugh.

3. A common base of an affectionate acronym.
1. See ya later baby! Muah!!

2. The vilan gained control of the world and proclaimed: " I've done it you morons! MUUAHHHH!!"

3a. Me U And Happiness!
3b. Massage Under A Helecopter?
3c. Many Unexpected Awards Honey!
#kiss #mauh #lick #suck #pet #grope #fondle #fiddle #suckle
by muahlamb4 July 29, 2009
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