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the sound made by giving a kiss.
i'll talk to you later Muah!(giving a kiss) love ya lots
by miriam February 21, 2003
To beat an expert at a game of skill by playing so appallingly that none of his clever tactics or strategies are of any use to him.
*kick to face*
*evasion by accident*
by Miriam March 25, 2005
1. Electronic device comprised of the junction of three doped silicas of two polarisations, used as a switching device.

2. Sibling of ambiguous or recently altered gender.
Yo dawg, what wit dat crack-smoking ho transistor of yoos? She got cooch or gooch?
by Miriam June 06, 2004
boyfriend. gf is girlfriend, and BF is best friend, because your best friend should always come before your significant other, regardless to your commitment level.
person 1: "what did you do this weekend?"

person 2: "oh, I went out with the bf."
by miriam February 18, 2004
An adjective for things that are cute.
"awww what a fluff kitten"
by Miriam September 18, 2003
Abbreviated form of 'feral', meaning disgusting.
"Ewwwww milk just came through her nose! That is so fez."
by Miriam September 18, 2003
Simile used to describe a person or event that acts or is outside of the norm in either a sneaky or fun way. May also be used in elliptical form (parts of the phrase are implied and not actually spoken). Origin: Homer Simpson.
"Allison likes to wear shiny pants when she's drunk; she's crazy like a fox."

"Becca is 'crazy LIKE a' today because she had 3 Frappucinos for breakfast.
by miriam February 18, 2004
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