The word mean Bitch As to get back at someone after writing a letter
After you write a message or a letter at the end of the paragraph you write ... mauhs.
by Rudy & Raul February 01, 2005
A swingers Website
by Gsholar August 10, 2009
the beginning of an evil laugh
the evil flying hampster ninja laughed at the helpless little orange ant, "muah ha ha , you will never be able to kiss the banana of the mushroom tree"
by picklenickle April 11, 2004
an evil laugh proclaiming victory
Girl: i had nightmares last night about that stupid doll murder movie we watched
Boy: MUAH!!!!! that's why i made you watch it!!!
by john jacob jingley November 05, 2007
2 meanings...number one VVERYY evil hateful laugh wen u kno ur doing something so wonderfully hateful,,numberr two the word u use as a kiss goodbye wen u really rnt gonna KISS the person so ur just like muah im outt
MUAHAHAAHAHAHAHA i hav just convinced her boyfriend to break up w.her now hes all mineee MUAHAHAHA

muah! luv yass byee
by tiffanyy January 21, 2005
The petite strip of hair above the vagina (minou). The muah cannot be more than half an inch horizontal or else it is a "clunk clunk". No hair, or just a muah, is the only acceptable variations of vagina in depot land. If you has anything else, you probably live in Yorks Corners or Whoreleons.
Hey guy, did you gets dats piece of tail lass night? Yeah, and she only had a little muah muah muah.

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