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A YouTube channel belonging to the always sexy Nathan Nunes. He is famous for his Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer, Black Ops: Zombies, and Black Ops Multiplayer, and most recently, Minecraft commentations. He is also famous for his classy sayings such as "Dafuq", "fafafafafafa", and the always original "downer" and "downy browny" but also the well know phrase "you must have eaten a tray full of of fucking downy brownies". He is a down to Earth commentator who always "keeps it real". He has over 16,00 subscribers ,and is only 15 years old.
"MrVeggiedave","Dafuq" ,"say ples", "fafafafafafa" ,"downer" ,"downy brownie", "you must have eaten a tray full of downy brownies", "are you missing smoe chromosomes?, i think ive found them".
by MrVeggiedave June 06, 2012
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