A person who is motivated to the point that it is retarded. Instead of just yelling answers back to upperclassmen, a motard will scream the answer back until his face turns purple. A motard will also come up with ridiculously complicated solutions to extremely simple problems.
Upperclassmen : " Fish motard, why do they call you fish motard?"

by Mr. Finning(NROTC, TAMUG, '11) January 13, 2010
1.) A person who is more retarded than the average retard.

2.) A retard with an affinity for Spike Lee films. (See Mo'Tarded Blues)
I was talking to this Go-Tard, and he was bad, but then a Motard showed up.
by Anonymous March 23, 2003
Bad freeway drivers; retarded motorists; those drivers that got drivers' licenses in Cracker Jack boxes
I was going 85 mph when this MOTARD pulled in front of me going about 40 mph.
by mlmciii March 18, 2003
An annoying, boring, self-righteous mormon who likes to kill all of the fun. Usually, they were born and raised in Utah, have never lived outside of Utah and they:
-Don't drink ANY caffeine
-Have never sworn in their life
-Read their Book of Mormon twice a day
-Never miss church
-Don't watch any "R" rated movies
and they think anyone who does not follow or do what they do, is going to burn in hell. Also known as Molly-Mormons and Peter-Priesthoods.
"Hey guys we should watch a movie tonight."

"Let's watch Sweeney Todd!"

"But it's rated 'R'! That's against my religion!"

"Go read your scriptures you stupid motard..."
"Dinner and a movie?"


"Pick you up at 7 on Monday?"

"I have FHE..."

by NinjaSteve June 09, 2009
someone with retardation and is a mofo
you are a F!@$in' motard
A retarded moron/moronic retard.
What a motard.
by SND January 17, 2003
homo retard, flaming retard
Man. Joe is a fucking Motard
by zeddaddy January 09, 2010

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