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Motorcyclist (French). Known more commonly in the phrase "Supermotard" (superbiker), a powersport combing aspects of road and motocross racing.

Owing to the long history and development of this sport in France (via U.S.A.) and now much of Europe, this phrase now in common use worldwide.
Motard is the French term qualifying a driver of motorcycle.

by Bleepedybloops June 23, 2007
Someone who constantly looks for ways to justify their existance by naming off various milestones or inventions created by other Canadians so that others will take notice.

Like the skinny kid with thick glasses at the back of the classroom, they try very hard to impress with all their statistics on Canada's gun crime rates versus the U.S.A. and constantly fawn over faults in American foreign policy while ignoring what atrocities their own country and corporations have done to others.

Talisman Energy ring a bell? I thought so. How about the major Canadian book retailer that backs "lone soldiers" in the state of Israel? No? Hmmmm...
You Canadians need to concentrate on your own problems. And there are many.
by Bleepedybloops June 20, 2007

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