A combination of a moron and a retard. A person who is equal parts stupid and mentally deficient. A person of low ability and low intelligence.
JD is a motard for riding his moped in the rain.

That was one of the most motarded things i have ever seen.
by John Benefield February 04, 2009
Mo•tard mo-tahrd

some one who does not know how to control there motivation.

1a. you’re so motivated your retarded.
2a. retarded with motivation.
marine PFC: Rah staff sergeant!

SSGT: Shut the hell up, Motard!
by LSDKING May 26, 2012
a term for a relay ugly idiot meant to be used among friends

a contraction made from mo a hopeless character from the Simpson and retard

Kenny jokingly called Cassie a mo'tard when she tried to pop the trunk while it was open

by keny H. July 10, 2008
Hybrid word between "moron" and "retard". Refers to someone who is very stupid and acts retarded
"What the hell did you do that for, you fuckinng Mo tard!"
by Benn and Eric June 14, 2008
a combination of moron and retard
that retarded moron is a motard
by crunk m June 01, 2005
Conjunction of Mormon and retard
Hence, Motard
Did you see the final tally on that motard's tithing settelment bill?
I guess that motard ain't gettin' in the temple this year!
by Pubert Alphonzo July 20, 2014
Word used to describe people, mainly in "mo-county" Maryland, who use other ridiculous made-up words (most likely because they can't speak proper English) to describe people, places, and things.
I live in Silver Spring Maryland, and I just heard a teenage boy say "I slay a lot of bait." Then a teenage girl with pink hair responded, "ping!" Someone please help me! I am surrounded by motards!
by Chlamydia Forecast May 18, 2011

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