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Drivers from the state of Utah
"You see that mofo?? he's going 90 in a 30, what a motard!"
by vladimir December 19, 2004
7 10
a person who is a homo and a retard.
dude, you're such a mo-tard; you homosexual-retard.
by modelissa July 24, 2008
0 4
When you have an arab friend who acts really retarded. And his name happens to be Mohammed then you abbreviate his name to Motard.
"Yo Kyle you talk to Motard lately?"
by Adwizzle May 09, 2006
19 28
Short for Supermotard, a synonym for Supermoto. This is a type of motorcycle racing that places motocross-style bikes on combination tarmac/dirt courses.
The wheel-to-wheel action of Motard racing has been very popular in Europe since the mid-80's.
by 1000RRFireblade April 07, 2006
201 210
Human beingf(thats being kind) who is so ignorant he/she would make mold look intelligent. An Opinionated person who will fight to the death to prove their facts(however wildly inaccurate are correct and the only way under god to be, behave, worship, vote, believe or live ect.) are true. Motards are to be avoided at all costs.. A simple dose of logic backed up by printed facts are enough to disarm and be done with a Motard.
what the fuck are you? Some kind of motard? See Fucking Motard
by Khys December 26, 2003
18 27
a retard with an EXTREMELY LARGE MOLE
mo(le) re(tard)
see pawel for reference
holy mother of shit, hes a motard!
by jimmy February 23, 2005
14 24
One who is Mentally inferior; a retard; a botard.

Originates from Detroit, from the nickname "Motown".
Pistons fans believe that Ben Wallace is a Motard for leaving to go to the Bulls.
by Trevor Nixson April 12, 2009
12 25