A retarded moron/moronic retard.
What a motard.
by SND January 17, 2003
A person who is motivated to the point that it is retarded. Instead of just yelling answers back to upperclassmen, a motard will scream the answer back until his face turns purple. A motard will also come up with ridiculously complicated solutions to extremely simple problems.
Upperclassmen : " Fish motard, why do they call you fish motard?"

by Mr. Finning(NROTC, TAMUG, '11) January 13, 2010
Also known as a "Moronic Retard."
"Shut the fuck up Heather!!
Gawd, you're such a motard!!"
by C-ron July 03, 2005
A moronic retard; someone even more stupid than a typical retard.

Most commonly used as an insult.
Harold is being such a motard.
by PlaceboEffect June 09, 2005
A combination of the words moron and retard to emphasize the stupidity of a person's actions or conduct.
You are such a motard!
by Orville Bigelow March 25, 2005
One who has such a high level of stupidity that they are seen as both a moron and a retard at the same time.
You fucking motard!!!
by DT February 22, 2005
A retard, only more so. A more retard.
I'm sorry Jimmy, you're only mildly autistic. Bobby has Downs' syndrome, and we at Hooters have a strict policy of seating customers in order of their mental impairment. See, the sign says "Motards will be served before Retards." Sorry, Jimmy. Stop drooling, Bobby.
by Der Kaiser December 27, 2004
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