Music of Servere Hardness

Mo fO Skin Head
by Tony October 14, 2003
For bands like Voivod, Slayer, Death, etc. moshing is a brutal amount of shoving and shit.

For bands like Job For A Cowboy, Slipknot, Lamb Of God (Any hot topic core bands), mosh is:


Mosh pits are for real metal bands, mostly thrash, not mallcore LOG "Wall of bad Breath" bullshit.
by FUCK LAMB OF GOD July 10, 2008
March Of The Skin Heads!!!
yeh and stuf its like yeh
by mark lives in the 70's September 04, 2003
To dance in an extreme manner, flailing all about.
"The punkgirl was moshing in the mosh pit."
by x January 31, 2003
moshing is usually done at metal concerts but moshing in punk concerts there is not as many dicks
metal head; i went to a cannibal corpse/ slayer concert last night and i almost died. punk listener; i went to a bar last night and watched greenday and me and my buddies moshed to songs like minority, and take back- it was narly
by 54721 June 17, 2005
The most unorthidoxed moderator, administrator and leader thrown into the world of humans. But it works good for him.
<+infrad> damn fucking mosh!
by travel May 09, 2005
when you jump around like a freak head bagning at concerts, or in my case, CRASHING THE SKOOL DANCES AT MARKHAM WITH MY FRIENDS!!!
OMG!! SAMMY YOU STEPPED ON JONS BROTHER!! (sammy=350) (Jons Brother=80)
by ***kayla*** December 01, 2004

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