metal's bastard child of the slamdance.

more aggressive and pointless than slammin', moshing is for violence not fun.

there is no courtesy in a mosh pit.
"dude some guy fell in the pit at as I lay dying/everytime I die/xposionxwellxdeathx/death, die, dying, the process of not being alive/ show last night. I was pissed cause my girlfriend left me so I stomped on his face."
by andrew October 01, 2004
A type of mashed potato
"We're gonna have some mosh for dinner tonight"
by moshbosh November 29, 2003
A way kids with a small vocabulary describe something as being "cool"
bradXchaos- did you see Death Before Dying On A Twisted River That's Bleeding last night at the show?
scottyXkillyou- yea brah, they realy brought the mosh
by mike September 28, 2004
definition of mosh is alison gordon
alison brings the mosh
by dictionary March 02, 2005
to "dance" to rock music, throwing about you're greasy hair.
i like to mosh to atomic kitten
by vartansgal October 12, 2003
when someone is really extremely ugly and they will never have any status in the dating universe.
a gremlin, a heffer, and a person with braces, really bad acne, or disgusting looking clothes
by shay February 25, 2005
A woman who is nuts. She can do very silly things and for no apparent reason. She can Freak out at absolutlety nothing. There are a few different kinds of Mosh, Mad Mosh, Funny Mosh, Simple Mosh and Get you Killed Mosh. The word Mosh is derived from the wrestler named ' Headbanger Mosh ', so its the term Headbanger, but Mosh sounds better.
She is fucking Mosh, she went ballistic because I was 15 minutes late for the time I was supposed to meet her. I got a puncture on the car and she thought I with another woman, the mad bitch, She is Mosh.
by Dog March 08, 2004

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