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Tall, white male, often with a large penis, lots of money, and often well respected for his kindness and generosity.
Matthew is such a Moseley, everyone loves him, and his family thinks the world of him.
by funnyguyfmc July 20, 2011
verb: to waste one's time with excessive, empty conversation that is difficult to end

noun: the state of having been moseleyed; inadvertent, unwanted procrastination; can also refer to someone having the propensity to moseley frequently

adjective: describes one who tends to moseley
I was getting so much work done until I was moseleyed by one of the most moseley moseleys I know came in and wouldn't stop talking until 2:00am.
by DY42 April 10, 2006
A 'Moseley' is someone who embarks on a perverted crusade and comes up short much to the amusement of his peers.
John walked across the dance floor to discreetly touch Jenny's tits. Jenny slapped John and everyone laughed at him. John did a 'moseley'

Andrew climbed into bed with Melissa with only his boxers on and a throbbing erection. Melissa frantically ran out of the room with Andy in pursuit. Andy was then met by his peers who laughed at him. He had done a 'Moseley'
by Swordandstone June 21, 2016
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