Any sexual activity at all. Like mouth, but with an "f" instead of "th."
Guy one: Dude how was your date last night?
Guy two: Good, didn't get any mouf though
Guy one: no mouf? shieeeeeet
by CmoneyG July 27, 2010
The word used for the opening on your face which receives all food, drink, and other oral substances. It is similar to the word, "Mouth," but this word is used between two friends who have hung out way too much and behave like complete retards in each others presence.
"Duuude, this sandwich is like a symphony in my mouf."

"Aw man, I gotta go the dentist so they can check on my mouf."
by checkoutmuhteef September 17, 2009
A put down, generally used to observe a failing or unfortunate occurrence. Properly coupled with "da" as the preceding article, though the da is often used in a sarcastic manner.
You failed that test? That's da mouf.
by A. S. W. March 11, 2008
The term Ludacris (and anyone else trying to be gangster) will use to say the white word "mouth"
From Rollout Video "Diamondz and Gold, is dat watchu keep in yp MOUF?"
by goldy5 June 03, 2007
(Pronounced "moof") With the help of a unlimited nudge script, while on msn, repeatedly clicking nudge with the right hand, while slowly typing and sending the word "Mouf" with the left hand. Great fun to watch reactions
Guy 1: Hey, did you block me last night?
Guy 2: No, my computer crashed before I got the chance, thanks to your extreme moufing.
by Knobflap October 16, 2009
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